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Eras of Elegance: Eras of Elegance is the collaboration of identical twins who wanted to share their love of history:  “We are committed to providing accurate historical information about the Ancient through Edwardian periods of history. Although we have adopted nomenclature that is based primarily upon British monarchies, we do not endorse an Anglocentric view of history and seek to include information on various cultures and nations.”  This site includes everything from movies & entertainment to fashion, travel, and home culture.  The above link gives some basic info about entertaining in Victorian times and preparing English tea.  The link below is to recipes for various kinds of tea sandwiches, scones, and other goodies.

Tastes of the past ~ The Victorian Era 1837-1901: This is a really broad, kind of cool website created by CJ Books, suppliers of unique family history items inspired by the past.  It offers a broad historical background, fashion, religion, various tidbits about day to day life, and detailed information on work and home experiences.  Recipes can be found at the end of the page, as well as under “Preparing Dinner.”

Soup for the Poor:  For when times are hard, this is a recipe by Alexis Soyer, “author of ‘A Shilling Cookery for the People’, Chef at the Reform Club and friend of Florence Nightingale.”  It’s taken from The Judge’s Lodging Victorian Museum website.

Victorian Recipes: Created by the Brannan Family Christmas site, this webpage has various recipes for Victorian desserts from 1893. Study Center: The VICTORIANA.COM ‘STUDY CENTER’ contains a collection of articles and web site links for the 19th Century enthusiast. The Library covers a wide range of topics from a Queen's wardrobe to 19th C. Cake Recipes... from architecture to antique prints. ‘Harper's Bazar Online’ presents a collection of articles and illustrations from the 19th Century magazine. ‘Behind Closed Doors’ includes a seldom seen collection of articles about the darker side of Victorian ‘private lives.’ Visitors can read about 19th century women’s issues, unsuitable Victorian men, and 19th century alcohol consumption. The Library also offers Internet locations of Museums and Historical Societies.”  The above link has 8 recipes for Victorian cakes. The page is sponsored by, which provides a WIDE selection of links to information about anything and everything Victorian.  The site is created by Lee Jackson, author of two historical novels.  The above link is to a page of about 80 recipes, plus some basic information about Victorian cookery.



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