The Revolution Begins

1763: The stamp Act is Passed. Requiring a direct tax on all legal documents. Including deeds, newspapers, pamphlets, dice, and playing cards

Colonists Protest the Stamp Act

December 1773: The Tea Act is passed. The act allowed the British East India Company to sell Tea to the colonists with a British tax attached to it.

In response to the tax on Tea, several Boston Colonists dressed as Indians boarded the ships in the Harbor and dumped all of the tea into the water.


1774: The Intolerable Acts are passed. Otherwise known as the Coercive Acts, these laws closed the Port of Boston, forced the colonists to allow British soldiers to be quartered in their homes, and exempted imperial officials from being put on trial in the colonies.

According to the Quartering Act one of the five Intolerable Acts, colonists were required to provide food and shelter to British soldiers.


April 1775: The first shots of the Revolution were fired at the battles of Concord and Lexington.


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