Audra Goach Sostarecz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Chemistry Department

Monmouth College

 Center for Science and Business

Room 356


B.S. Muhlenberg College

Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University

Post-doctoral Fellow University of Pennsylvania




                                                Sostarecz Research Group Webpage - Langmuir Monolayers/Liposomes as Model Membranes


Fall 2013 Courses   - On Sabbatical


Spring 2014 Courses   

CHEM 220 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry


Schedule - revised

Exam 1 and Exam 2 Material

Exam 3 Material

Exam 4 Material


Beer's Law/ Light Spectroscopy - DUE Monday, April 28

Organic Nomenclature - in class Monday, April 28

Molecular Geometry - Review

UV/Vis Worksheet - lecture review problems - do on your own

UV/Vis Worksheet - in-class discussion problems - do on your own

IR Light - Molecular Dipoles - is the molecule IR active or IR inactive? - try for Friday, May 2

Organic Chemistry Problems

IR Spectrum - WHat is it?

Fluorescence and Phosphorescence


Fluorescence Review Questions



12:00 pm - 12:50 pm
1:00pm - 1:50pm

CSB 378

CHEM 220L Introduction to Analytical Chemistry Lab Lecture


Schedule - revised

Read Chapter 2 Section 2.4-2.6 for 1/14(T) or 1/16 (R)

Sources of Error Worksheet - due 1/21 (T) or 1/23 (R)

Statistics Problems - due 2/4 (T) or 2/6 (R)

Beer's Law WS - finish for 2/4 (T) or 2/6 (R) - not due

Lab Quiz #1 - 2/4 (T) or 2/6 (R)

Journal Article Summary Guidelines

Journal Article Summary Cover Sheet - Journal Article Summary due on 2/11 (T) or 2/13 (R)

Titration Problems - DUE Feb 25/Feb 27

Journal Article Summary Cover Sheet - Journal Article Summary for Acid/Base Lab due on 2/25 (T) or 2/27 (R)

Journal Article Summary Cover Sheet - Journal Article Summary for Weak Acid Lab due on 3/4 (T) or 3/6 (R)

Polyprotic Acid WS

Results/Disucssion WS - DUE 3/18 (T) or 3/20 (R)

Journal Article Summary Cover Sheet - Journal Article Summary for Buffer Lab due on 3/25 (T) or 3/27 (R) - EXTRA CREDIT

Lab Quiz #2 - 3/25 (T) and 3/27 (R)

Lab Quiz #3- 4/8 (T) and 4/10 (R)




1:00pm - 1:50pm CSB 380
CHEM 220L Introduction to Anlaytical Chemistry Lab
MSDS link - this is the website for Sigma-Aldrich (a chemical company). Type your chemical in the search box at the top right of the page and then click on the MSDS pdf for the chemical you are interested in.

Monmouth College Chemistry Department Lab Rules

Results Sheet with Calculations and Beer's Law Plot for Lab #4 DUE 2/12 (W) or 2/14 (F)

Results Sheet with Calculations  and Introduction for Lab #3 DUE 2/25 (T) or 2/27 (R)

Results Sheet with Calculations , Introduction, and Abstract for Lab #5 DUE 3/18 (T) or 3/20 (R)

Results Sheet with Calculations , Results and Discussion Lab #6 DUE 4/1(T) or 4/3 (R) *This is a group lab report

Buffer Lab results Sheet and Observations DUE by Friday, April 11



2:00 pm - 4:50 pm CSB 370



Important Links

Research Opportunities for Undergrads in my Lab! - please come talk to me or come to our Research Goup Meeting in the Chemistry computer lab in CSB (377) on Friday afternoons from 3-4pm.

American Chemical Society